The Beauty of Punta Mita

According to the World Tourism Organization, Mexico is main touristic attraction in Latin America and tenth most visited country in the world. For this sight, most of the cultural and natural sites that Unesco has classified as World Heritage are the most deserving of it.

Mexico is home to very rare species of rabbits which are otherwise called volcanoes of rabbits. The biggest wild cat in North America Jaguar can be found in the South Mexican Jungle. On the other hand Mexico is home to 50 species of coffin and more species of pelicans.

Touristic experts sad that the famous touristic destination in Mexico and very attractive is Acapulco, located on the coast of the Pacific so far,

But nowadays the primary question is” Is that true”? The fact is that there are chances that exist some other attractions in Mexico that exceed Acapulco by popularity. Some of them is impressive Punta Mita and the punta mita mexico villa rentals.

Globally, Punta Mita have specific terrain which is partly flat and partly hilly. Near the west of this attraction is Ocean. Secondly Puta Mita is recognized for the fact that its highest point is about 114 meters above sea level. Near is placed Corral de Risco, about 3 km closed of Punta Mita so far.

Interesting fact is that, all over the Punta Mita grows forests and very close the Punta Mita there are various peninsulas.

Temperature is  about 25 C and dominate Savann climate. Right weather for swimming is in June when the temperature is about 29 C, but generally every summer month is right, instead of September, which is rainy months.

Visitors said that Punta Mita is a very relaxing place with impressive beach. Instead of swimming, Punta Mita offer to you various activities, such as boarding and visitors can find many attractions in this area. Includiing very beautiful beach and Destiladeras beach. In the town do not miss out on other attractions, including Golf course and Punta Mita Four seasons.

There are some of the places which you should visits in surrounding area

Rancho Mi Chaparrita, La Cruz square, Marina Riviera  Nayarit a la Cruz. La Cruz Saturday Marcet and brillante Sayurita Square

Punta Mita – Where to stay

Weather you are travelling for work or pleasure, Punta Mitta offers something for everyone. There are numerous hotels in this place which offer to you a lot of benefits. It is very easy to find accommodation also for low-budget people.

How to come in Punta de Mita?

Landing the Puerto Vallarta airport, Jalisco ( PVR- Licenciado Gustavo Diaz Odraz intl) 20 min from the city center( about 30 km)

If you want to explore a further away from the main tourist centers, the attraction offer you unforgettable places with beautify and impressive beaches, the remains of ancient civilization , magnificent parks, a natural and unique wildlife. On the other hand it is not easy to distinguish 10 of the most beautiful attractions in Mexico , which includes Punta Mita. Without any doubt, Punta Mita is destination which nobody leaves indifferent