Social Security Form SS-5

It’s mandatory to have a social security card for anyone living in United States whether you are a US citizen, permanent working resident or temporary working resident. This card normally consists of a nine-digit number which is unique to everyone and is normally assigned by the social security administration. For application or replacement of a social security card, SS-5 form must be filled. Generally, SS-5 is a one -page government form that must be filled and submitted through mail or in person when applying for a new social security card or the replacement of the card.

The SS-5 form usually has it’s heading as “Social Security Administration- Application For a Social Security Card”. It requires keen and proper completion with the necessary evidence such as passport, birth certificate attached. Get help at The supporting documents to proof applicant age, identity and citizenship status must be original and no photocopies or notaries copies that hasn’t been certified by the respective agency is accepted. The SS-5 form application doesn’t allow online submission but only through mail or person submission to the Social Security Administration offices. The card processing takes at least 10 working days after SS-5 form submission.

A couple of times one may be needed to fill the SS-5 form. Situations that may require completion of the social security form SS-5 are numerous. Some include:

•Application of an original Social Security Card. This mainly apply to individuals who have never applied for the card before or seeking a job that requires the card. The individual is required to produce two documents to prove their age, US citizenship or work-authorized immigration status. For non-US citizens and individuals with no work authorization prior, a non-valid work reason is required.

•Application of a Social Security Card replacement. This occurs when ones card get lost, damaged or stolen. This requires one document to prove the applicant citizenship. However, card replacement is limited to 10 per lifetime and 3 per year.

•Changing of ones name. This name changing process requires documents for ones identity e.g. birth certificate, support for request change and reason for name change. This may be relevant to individuals who have either married or divorced. The updated card makes its easier changing one’s driving license, bank and employment information.

•Updating ones citizenship status. This may apply to individuals with immigration status such as holding legal residence or green card status citizenship. Applying for the US citizenship, some supporting documents such as work-authorized immigration status are necessary.

• Ones card may have some clerical errors such as misspelt name or wrong entrance of the date of birth. This requires filling of the SS-5 form and attaching a note explaining the changes to be made.

•Filling an SS-5 form to obtain a social security card for either an adopted child or a newborn is necessary. This helps one to easily open financial accounts for the kid. It is advisable to apply the card especially after birth together with the birth certificate.

• One caring for adult dependents might also fill the SS-5 form to obtain the card so that obtaining government support and benefits is easier.

The social security form SS-5 is not complicated thus straight forward to fill. It should be carefully filled with either a black or a blue pen.