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Security Certified @ D.I.A.
Security Certified @ D.I.A.
If you are traveling to Denver for the first time,
here are some things you should know...

1a. Unfortunately, due to the security measures at the airport, you are not allowed to have any of your friends, relatives, or anyone else meet you on the concourse (gate). The main terminal building is the only area open to the general public, which means your party can meet you at the baggage carousel or one of the shops in the main terminal building.

1b. NEW security measures have been taking concerning commercial drivers working @ D.I.A. we are now required to have a FBI fingerprint back ground check on all drivers.
D.A.T.S is proud to announce all of our drivers have security clearance @ DIA.**

1c. Here is a link to a detailed map of D.I.A..

2a. To make pick-up as easy as possible you may give us a call at 303-904-0742, when you are ready to go, and request your vehicle be sent up from the holding lot. This works well when security is at a normal level.

2b. If security is elevated you must go to the limo booths outside door 506 on the west side of level 5, and door 511 on the east side of level 5. Once you get to the booth, you can contact the GT personal in the orange vest and provide them your name and that
Denver Airport Transportation Service, Airport Car Service LLC or (DATS)
is your transportation provider.

They will notify the driver in the ground transportation holding lot where he is required to wait, from there it takes up to 5 minutes for us to get up to level 5 and pick you up.

If you have a cell phone we would love to hear from you after you have collected your baggage @ 303-904-0742, that way we can be prepared for your arrival and help shorten your wait time.

If you have any problems at the GT booth you can call us toll free @ 1-866-DIA-DATS and we will get the problem resolved.

Click Here to get a printable ground transportation instruction sheet.

** Effective June 1 2003
Security is allot tougher at DIA, especially now for commercial careers. We must obtain a pass and go through security before arriving at the terminal. Call now 1-866-DIA-DATS
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