5 Tips on Being A Digital Nomad

In the world full of slaves yea I mean corporate slaves, I am a Nomad! Yes, a Digital Nomad. I am my own boss and I usually work in my pajamas. Isn’t it cool? If you ask me what’s best the part of being a Digital Nomad then its unquestionably the “Freedom” that you get. The freedom to work on your terms, for your own self and last but not the least the freedom to work from anywhere. Yea, Nomads don’t go to those concrete jungles to work rather they enjoytheir work by sitting under a clear sky, beneath a full bloom tree, facing a vast beautiful sea.

This Nomadic life is indeed adventurous but let me remind you that adventure is not always fun. It’s actually not that easy to be a Digital Nomad with traveling jobs as it sounds or looks like.

Here are some useful tips for Digital Nomads

1). Find a good work and life balance: When you are a nomad you certainly have the luxury to choose your working hours. But the reality is that working flexible hours can be overwhelming as you only get counted hours in between your work to relax. Comparatively, in a 9-6 job culture it’s easier to cut yourself off from work completely. So, its always better to have a schedule for yourself, which you can follow daily while working. This will benefit you in keeping the track of your work and by the end of the day you will have more time for yourself and for your family.

2). Find your most productive hours of the day: Since Now you want to have a schedule for yourself, then it is important to know those hours when you’re most productive during your day. Make a schedule by taking advantage of your flexible working hours. So, for example if you’re a morning person then you should start your day early in the morning when rest of the people are sleeping. And if you’re a nocturnal then give yourself free time during the day and start working late at night. Remember, following a schedule doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your flexibility completely.

3). This is not a Holiday: The best part of being a Digital Nomad is that you get to travel countries to countries.Where you get to meet new people, get to eat exotic foods without worrying about your annual leave balance. You upload gorgeous photos on your Instagram handle or on your Facebook profile much more frequently than your friends. Still, this life is not a Holiday or a Vacation because when you are not uploading pictures is when you are working your ass off to make good money for yourself. And money doesn’t come easy, to anyone. Not even to Nomad.

4). Why you want to be a Nomad: You should ask this question often to yourself that Why you are a Digital Nomad? What goal you want to achieve by being a digital nomad. This lifestyle is indeed lucrative but at the same time it is less stable. In this Career path, like in any other business, the probability of losing is as high as the probability of earning. Since, you are your own boss therefore the impact of loss is greater on you as compared to any other full-time job. Your slight mistake can make you loss even a loyal client.

5). Are you prepared for the sacrifices? Yes, if you’re a Nomad then sacrifices are the part of your life. When your job involves so much of travelling then you get to see your near and dear one’s less often. You miss out some really important events, close functions, family or friends get togethers. People get used to of your absence and this is certainly hurting.

So, if you want to be a Digital Nomad then brace yourself up because this is a rollercoaster ride.